The Dragon Fireplace

The purpose of this website is to show you a sample of the many fires and fireplace which we can make and supply for you. We do not sell online as we believe as a retailer we are best placed to provide you with expert product advice and assist with the installation process as well as help provide any after-sales support and servicing your appliance may require in the future. The fireplace's appeal is universal and since Stone Age days, people have enjoyed gathering before a fire which nowadays has become a fine focal point for a home.

And now is the perfect time to think about having a new fireplace fitted. And where better to begin your search than The Dragon Fireplace Company. The company extends a warm welcome to customers old and new at its Armthorpe showroom, Doncaster. There you will find the best selection of fireplaces in Yorkshire, with over 200 gas, electric, solid fuel fires and multifuel stoves on display.