Bio Fires Gel Fireplaces

We are here for a reason. At Bio Fires passion and pride in a well performed job comes first. We are not here to just sell fireplaces, we are here to deliver a fireplace experience. A solution for many of you who have been dreaming about a cosy warmth of a real flame fireplaces but have no working chimney.

We have been on the UK market for over 11 years, we were, in fact, one of the pioneers of the alcohol fire industry on our side of the globe. When we first started, very few people had any idea about what bio fireplaces (or back then - gel fires) were. People have been thrilled to find out that they can have a real flame fireplace in their old empty fires or on a flat wall. Nine out of ten customers have learned about the product when meeting us at a show like Ideal Home Show or Grand Designs or reading our advert in a magazine.

A lot has changed since then. The pace of life is much faster, the technologies get more and more advanced overnight.